Evergreen Sciences aims to deliver exceptional products and solutions in the realm of analytics, dedicated to achieving the utmost precision, safety, clarity, and knowledge for our valued customers.

Solutions We Offer

  • water test


    Our water testing solutions are dedicated to ensuring the purity and safety of your water supply. From drinking water to swimming pools, spas, and more, we empower individuals, communities, and industries to make informed decisions for sustainable water management. We provide actionale insights to safeguard health.

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  • test strips


    Our lateral flow technology provides rapid and reliable diagnostic solutions for a wide range of applications. We provide rapid and reliable diagnostic capabilities. With simplified procedures, our lateral flow technology empowers users with timely insights for informed decision-making.

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  • elisa test kit


    Crafted with efficiency and convenience in mind, our ELISA kits boast streamlined workflows and optimized protocols, reducing hands-on time while maximizing productivity. By delivering reproducible results and facilitating accurate data interpretation, our ELISA kits serve as invaluable tools for both research and diagnostics.

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Industries We Serve

    • Water

      Protect and improve water quality by rapidly identifying fecal indicators and contaminants.

    • Dairy

      We have all your dairy needs covered, no matter your location.

    • Grain

      Easy-to-perform tests for mycotoxins, antibiotics, pesticides, and more.